Hello world!

Hey all!

I’m caitlin, and this is my blog. (wow, what an interesting start to a first blog…not)

I am a recent college grad, a new wife, and a health freak.  BUT… im also a normal person with a crazy busy life! I think that it can be pretty tough for all of us normal people to be healthy, so this blog is for all you normal people out there who want to be healthy, fit, and beautiful, but aren’t PAID to do it like our celebrity friends out in hollywood. (although I wouldn’t complain if I got paid to be healthy and fit!)

A little bit about me…

I love/hate exercising. When I’m in “the mood” to exercise, I LOVE it, but when im feeling tired, or busy, or lazy, it’s a chore. I try to work out at least 3 times a week minimum…but sometimes LIFE happens and it just doesn’t work out. I like exercising because it makes me feel good and it allows me to eat a cookie or two (ok, or three). I also like to be “one of those people” that works out. Hey, I wouldn’t complain if one day my husband made SO much money that I could be a stay at home mom and practically LIVE at the gym and have a super model body still at the age of 40. Just sayin’…!

I like to run (when its perfect weather out…meaning 60-80 degrees and sunny), I like to rock climb (but its hard to match up schedules with friends), I like cycle classes (and im determined to do a little outside cycling this year), I like boxing (I have a black belt in karate), I like yoga (especially hot yoga…when its winter in Minnesota!), I like boot camp style classes, I like hiking in the mountains, I like snowboarding, and I even occasionally rollerblade. As you can probably see, I like doing a lot of active stuff, but im not a pro at anything. I’m not this awesome runner that wins 10Ks or this crazy good climber that can free climb up the side of the mountain no problem. I’m just me, Caitlin. I like to do a mix of active stuff to keep it fresh and to keep me healthy!

I don’t think health is all about working out tho. I think that eating healthy and having healthy relationships and healthy living practices is super important too. More on that to come soon!

Let me just say one more thing before I end this longest-first-post-ever:

I LOVE girl scout cookies. Normally I do not buy any because i know what will happen…I’ll eat them all! But they came to our house on Saturday when I was at the gym working out. My husband, of course, buys all my favorite kinds of cookies (he’s a sweetie…kinda). I resisted for a day, but on monday brought one tube of cookies to work to “keep” in my desk. HA! They were gone by Wednesday. My theory? Oh well, LIFE happens. I’m just glad that I’ve put in a few good hours at the gym this week!



  1. John Radick said,

    February 10, 2011 at 7:34 pm

    Nice first article…I hope you keep on writing.

  2. am said,

    February 14, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    I like your blog…I think I will follow…I too aim to be a healthy wife though I’m so far removed from being a newlywed its not funny….check out my blog also and welcome to the blogworld!!!

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