Happy Space


 A happy space = a happy you

I think that another part of the “health and wellbeing” equation is having a happy,  healthy living space.  This is something that can be done easily, affordably, and its completely based on your personality! No instruction needed! (unless you go to Ikea…)

Call it spring fever (I know, I know, a little premature!), or call it necessity, but our living room needed some color.  After moving in, we’d repainted and gotten new furniture for the living room, but everything was either beige or some shade of brown.  Trendy and clean, yes.  But it was still missing something.  COLOR!  After talking to the hubby, we agreed on green as a pop color.  After doing a little shopping, I settled on these two throw pillows for the couch, courtesy of Crate and Barrel.

Throw pillows are a cheap and easy way to make a room feel more happy!  Little touches truly make a difference in any space.  Part of healthy happy living is making your place a happy space.  Here are my tips for happy healthy spaces:

1. Get rid of any excess or clutter. Throw it or donate it.

2. Organize. Use baskets, drawers, tupperware…but clear up your space!

3. Add a “natural element” – bring in mother nature with a color, a fabric, an image, or material.

The most important places to make into happy spaces are the places you spend the most time.  For me, its my office at work, our living room, and the bedroom. Just remember that you don’t have to do everything at once, and you definitely don’t have to spend a lot of money.  Start small by cleaning and organizing, and adding a few inexpensive accents.  I hope this inspires you to go home tonight and start making some happy spaces!

Have a healthy happy day!



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