Workin’ for the Weekend



The majority of adults sit all day long at work…and this is terrible for your health!  Sure, there are things such as treadmill desks or “office stretching”, but really???  Come on, let’s be practical.  I’m not going to get up every hour and do some silly stretches in my heels and pencil skirt in front of all my coworkers.  For the majority of us, these are not practical ways to improve our work environment health.  I try to workout to counteract all the sitting that I do, but sometimes it feels like an uphill battle.  If only the majority of my day could be spent doing my body good!  But, at least it’s the end of the week and we have two whole days to be active.  Have any great ideas to solve one of Americas biggest health problems?!  I’m sure we’d all love to hear!  Get out there this weekend and get active!

Have a happy healthy day!


Sitting Disease by the Numbers


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  1. Christine said,

    April 13, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    You sit too much, it’s bad — you stand too much, it’s bad! Seems like there’s no way to win.

    I definitely approve of standing (I stand all day at my job and I prefer it), but walking breaks and stretching is important, no matter what kind of stationary job one might have.

    Thanks for the link! Very informative.

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