I’m in love with my bobble

Ok, well maybe LOVE is a strong word, but seriously, you need to get this water bottle. Its called the Bobble bottle.

I am a huge fan of toting around a reusable water bottle. I find it SOOO wasteful when people go through hundreds and hundreds of disposable water bottles. Even if you are recycling them, you are wasting your money! It’s just silly! And yes, I know it’s a convenience factor, but it’s really not that hard to use a reusable water bottle. (come on ladies…i’ve seen the size of your purses…you could fit a small house inside of it, not to mention a water bottle)

The reason I love this bottle is because it’s the ultimate in convenience. It features a carbon filter inside of it (like what your Brita pitcher or fridge uses to make the water pure and good tasting), so you can refill it with any ole’ sink water and it still tastes great! It comes in a bunch of colors but of course, I have the pink bottle! It only costs $8, and you only need to purchase a new filter ($6 I think) every 3-4 months!  I also like the mouthpiece on this bottle. Unlike the Nalgene bottles, this one wont get your face wet if you take a drink too fast or hit a bump while drinking it in the car. I’ve seen this bottle at target, Macys, and a variety of other stores. Instead of buying a big crate of water on your next shopping trip, buy this bottle instead. Let me know what you think of it!

Have a happy healthy day!



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  1. Victoria said,

    April 8, 2011 at 3:42 am

    I bought a Bobble today and I’m on my fifth refill! I drink a lot of water and this bottle is so convenient. I could never stand drinking tap water, it left your mouth feeling dry from all the chlorine but this bottle does a wonderful job cleaning all that out. It tastes fantastic. I’m so happy with mine that I may buy the liter one just to have for in the house and use the smaller one for when I go out. It’s perfecto. By the way, for Canadian readers the smaller Bobble is 14 dollars which comes to 16 something with Nova Scotia tax. oh canada eh.

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