These are a few of my favorite (yoga) things…

I’ve been stuck in a yoga groove lately, which isn’t all bad. I attribute it partially to the fact that at my new job, theres lunchtime yoga available, so some times I’ll do yoga twice in one day. I’ve been able to get into some pretty crazy/awesome poses and balances that I never in a million years thought I’d be doing, which is pretty fun! I do need to get out and run more now that its spring (kinda), but seriously, yoga is addicting. It feels like the more you do it, the more you need to do it. But, since I’ve been doing yoga so much lately, I’ve come up with a few favorite (and NOT so favorite) yoga accessories to share with you!

1. Sticky Towel – LOVE IT

I can not tell you how much I LOVE this. It’s a microfiber towel with sticky grips on one side that you lay on top of a regular yoga mat. It’s smaller than a yoga mat and fits inside your gym bag. Much better than toting a gym bag and a yoga mat around! I’m not a germophobe, but it’s pretty gross using a gym mat in yoga class. I mean, really, your all over that thing. And I’m going to be honest. I sweat a lot in yoga class, especially in hot yoga, when it’s 112 degrees in there! When I’m on a normal yoga mat, I end up slipping all over the place. This mat prevents all of that nonsense. Best find ever!

2. Yoga Socks – Hate it

You’d think this would be a great idea. An easy way to prevent slippage, washable, and fits easily into the smallest of gym bags. Nope. First of all, they’re a b*!#? to get on, and your feet still slide around inside of the socks. Half way through class your socks will be all twisted up. And these socks do nothing to prevent your hands from slipping…I am NOT going to wear yoga gloves (yes they do exist). Plus, these socks look pretty dorky when paired with shorts.

3. Shiva Rea Daily Energy DVD – Love it

When you can’t/don’t want to make it to the gym, it’s nice to have the option of doing yoga at home! I’ve tried tons of yoga DVDs, and this is by far my favorite right now!

4. Camelback Water Bottle – Love it

This water bottle is awesome for any activity, not just yoga. I like it because the suck/straw drinking method means you don’t have to mess around with unscrewing the top off your water bottle in the middle of class when you want a drink (this is also super awesome for when your running on a treadmill!). Also, this water bottle is silent (it doesn’t make any awkward noises), a plus for the quiet yoga atmosphere.

Hopefully this motivates you to do some yoga this week!!!

Have a happy healthy day!



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  1. August 12, 2011 at 1:50 am

    You have great taste on choosing Yoga Items. You may also try using designed Eco-friendly Yoga mats.


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