Eat healthy without changing your diet!?

This sounds too good to be true, right? Am I saying that you can somehow eat a McDonald’s big mac, and be eating healthy? Well…no.  BUT there is a way to make a lot of your “normal” foods much much much healthier! All you have to do is substitute a few ingredients in your normal recipes for healthier ingredients, and you’ll be loosing inches for swimsuit season in no time! So skip the emergency celery diet, and lighten up foods you like instead!

1. Use vanilla yogurt instead of oil
Have a sweet tooth? Love to bake? Yogurt adds extra calcium, dairy, and vitamins to your treat, and gets rid of a ton of unnecessary fat! Use greek yogurt and you’ll get protein too!
2. Use turkey bacon
Lots of recipes call for bacon, or you may just like eating it plain. Swap in turkey bacon for your regular bacon. It’s much lower fat (bacon fat is a BAD fat) and just as delicious!
3. Toss the yolk
Whether your baking or making eggs for breakfast, replacing most of the egg yolks with additional egg whites will lighten up your recipe. A whole egg has about 71 calories and 5 grams of fat, but roughly the same amount of egg white (1 ounce) has only 13 calories and no fat.
4. Get rid of the beef
Any dish that calls for beef can be modified to use chicken, turkey, free range buffalo, or even venison. Beef is very fatty, and often contains growth hormones and antibiotics. Try ground turkey in your spaghetti sauce and chilli, or buffalo burgers instead of beef burgers. You’ll be surprised by how good these other meats taste!

How do you lighten up your favorite recipes?

Have a happy healthy day!



1 Comment

  1. nylse said,

    May 10, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    I do all of the above with the exception of #1 since I dont bake often.
    An additional benefit – your children will never know the difference and by default will grow up eating healthy as well.

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