Road Trippin

We’re on the road! Hello from the Beertooth, I mean Beartooth, mountains! After enjoying lots of locally brewed beer, grilled veggies, rock climbing, and hiking over the labor day weekend we’re back on the road.

12 hours on the road is a long time to sit still, and every time you fill up on gas, the junk food at the convenience store is sooooo tempting. The best way to beat the junk food munchies is to pack a few healthy options in the car before you leave, and have a list of “pre-approved” convenience store snacks that you can indulge in.

Here are some of the best car trip foods:
Baby carrots
Turkey Jerky
All natural cheese (not the overly processed stuff!!!)
Air popped popcorn
Dark chocolate
Freeze dried fruit
Salad (easy on the dressing and extra toppings like croutons or breaded chicken)
Nuts (plain peanuts, almonds, cashews…)

And don’t forget about about all the empty calories that are in those sugary drinks! Skip to soda or iced frappachino and opt for:
Unsweetened iced tea
Club soda/Sparkling water
Milk (whole milk is actually the healthiest…more on that coming soon!)
Coconut water

What are your favorite healthy road trip snacks?

Have a happy, healthy day!



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