Healthy and busy CAN coexist!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…it IS possible to be incredibly busy and still be healthy…but apparently it’s not possible to also fit blogging in. Sorry for not posting last week! But I’m sure you’ll be relieved to hear that I still managed to workout and eat healthy!  : D

Everyone has them. Those crazy weeks when nothing gets done around the house because you’re so busy doing a million other things. These are the times we’re tempted to exist on Jimmy Johns and frozen pizza, and to abandon our workouts. DON’T DO IT! First, lets tackle the workout thing, since that’s much more time-consuming.

When you have a busy week ahead of you, don’t ditch your workouts completely. You’ll feel guilty about it, and you won’t be at your best. Instead, try getting up and working out super early, before your day starts. No, you don’t need to do this every morning, but doing this once or twice during a busy week will keep you mentally and physically sharp. Plus, if your busy week is stressing you out, there’s nothing better than a quick workout.

Think about this: it takes approximately 2 minutes to order Jimmy Johns. It takes even longer to pre-heat the oven and get a frozen pizza cooked. With a tiny bit of thought, you can still eat healthy even during the busiest of weeks. Here are my favorite healthy foods when you are super crunched on time:

*Hummus and veggies (baby carrots for the ultimate time saver)
*Apples with peanut butter (not the kind with high fructose corn syrup though!)
*Protein Shake (home-made with milk or juice, frozen fruit, and protein powder)
*Raw fruit/veggies for snacking
*Scrambled eggs
*Turkey bacon (it can be microwaved in 1 minute!)
*Edamame (takes just 2 minutes to boil and can be eaten hot right way, or saved and eaten cold later!)

 What are your go-to healthy foods when your busy?

Have a happy healthy day!



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