The Great Fat Debate

Happy Friday!!! So, I took a nutritional class last month at my local natural food store and I was SO surprised by what I learned that I had to share…

MYTH: People get fat from eating foods high in fat. Our bodies actually need fat (good fat!) to keep our metabolism going strong.

FACT: SUGAR is the major culprit of fat gain. Sugar = body fat.

DID YOU KNOW: Our bodies convert most complex carbs (bread, pasta…) into SUGAR? (Remember, sugar = fat = going shopping for bigger jeans…not good!) One serving of Special K cereal converts into the same amount of sugar as a bottle of soda! Ick!

I grew up drinking skim milk, eating low-fat ice cream, and low-fat snacks. I, like many, thought I was making healthier choices! WRONG!

Low-fat versions of foods usually replace the removed fat with extra sugar or carbs. And since our bodies convert carbs to sugar, and sugar to actual (flabby arms) fat, these low-fat foods are actually horrible for us!!!!


Drink whole milk. Yep. Whole milk. Skim milk has MUCH more sugar than whole milk. And an added benefit of whole milk? Extra good fats to keep you feeling full and to keep your metabolism running high!

Avoid ALL complex carbs. (bread, cereal, tortillas, chips, rice, pasta…). The RIGHT carbs to eat are fruits, veggies, and brown rice.   And (to state the obvious…) avoid sugar!

These might seem like impossible goals…BABY STEPS! Start with breakfast. If you avoid carbs and sugar in your breakfast, there’s sure to be a difference! Some good options are turkey bacon, nuts, home-made healthy smoothies (use milk, fruit, and protein powder…avoid juice, sorbet, and ice cream), fruit, or full-fat greek yogurt.

Look around online and you’ll see the jury is still out on this topic! This is just what I found out at a presentation from a Registerd Dietician. Take it with a grain of salt, but it’s definitley something to think about!

Have a happy healthy day!




SO, last night I tried a new loop, intending to run 5 miles. Well…I got lost somehow (not surprising if you know me at all!) and ended up running for an hour and 10 minutes. I have NO clue how far I actually ran, but it was definitely the longest run of the year so far, and completely by accident! I’m just glad I found my way back eventually!

It can be hard to stay motivated in your fitness regiment (especially when you’d rather be BBQing and drinking beer on the deck after a long day at work), but  it can really help to have goals. For people who are more competitive, that might mean besting your time by the end of the season or in a race. For others it may be to lose 10 pounds for an upcoming event ,or to fit into that pair of jeans.  Your goal for THIS week? Make a list of fitness-related goals! 

Here are some tips for setting fitness goals:

1. Set your goals with the intention of STICKING TO IT! Remember, “A goal that is casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle.”  – Zig Zigler

2. Set a deadline (race date, an event, the last day of summer, your class reunion…)

3. Be realistic and specific (ie: “I will lose 15 pounds by August 31st”, NOT “I want to lose 100 pounds”)

4. Break it down. Break down your goal into bite size pieces. If you want to run a 10k in under 48 minutes, make a goal to run several 5ks in under 25 minutes first!

5. Keep it fun! Don’t work towards something that you don’t want or don’t enjoy. On days when its hard, remind yourself that you’re doing this for YOU and that is something you WANT.  

Here are my goals…some short term and some long-term, that are keeping me motivated this summer:

  • Look good for my cousin Sarah’s wedding THIS SATURDAY (haha very short-term)
  • Run the SayHey 5K this June in under 25 Minutes
  • Complete the warrior dash this July without dying  : )
  • Be able to do 5 pull-ups by the end of the summer
  • Be able to consistently climb 5.10A’s again by next summer (I need a climbing buddy…any takers?)
  • Have arms like Kelly Rippa when i’m her age  : )

Have a happy healthy day, and set some goals!



If you are a  child of the 90’s, or lived through the 90’s, the idea that FAT = BAD has been pounded into your head. And it makes sense, right?  If you eat fatty foods, you will be fat.  Seems pretty simple.  WELL.  You can imagine my surprise when my nutritionist told me that I needed to be eating more fat!  This isn’t because im too skinny.  I’m downright average in fact.  But my nutritionist told me that if I want to boost my body’s metabolism for the long run to avoid gaining weight, I needed to fatten up my diet.  I’m NOT telling you to eat McDonald’s every day.  Eating the RIGHT fats will boost your metabolism, give you energy, suppress your appetite, and give you naturally heathy skin and hair. So, what are these magical good fats you ask?

Some of the healthiest sources of fat include:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Flax Seed Oil
Wild Salmon
Raw Nuts

And what are some of the WORST fats, that you should XXX from your diet IMMEDIATELY?

Animal fats
Margarine (did you know it’s just 1 molecule different from plastic!?)
Full Fat Dairy Products (Full fat cheese, full fat ice cream, whole milk)
Anything “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”

I’m no health expert, and when I tried to research healthy fats online, I came up with hundreds conflicting answers from supposedly “credible” sources. Whats a girl to do???!!!  So all I’m telling you today is what I learned from my nutritionist.  But really, the moral of this story?  Add more avocado and olive oil (2 very common, and easy to use ingredients) into your diet to promote a healthy metabolism!

Have a healthy happy day!


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